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Wonder What I’ll Learn Today?

Yesterday at a family gathering I had an opportunity to visit with my husband’s Great Uncle John. John is on the verge of his 95th birthday. Talking with John is amazing. The man is a treasue trove of information richer than the Foxfire series and  perhaps the wisest man I have the pleasure to know.  As we visited about tree grafting,  wild pig chop suey (he was being funny- he wants me to come up with a recipe- my husband hunts wild hogs…in fact that’s what he’s doing at this very moment), and many other topics.

Hard at Work Making Memories

At one moment we both looked out the kitchen window to see the kids playing outside (and maybe being a bit ornery too), he looked me in the eye and said, “they’re making history. Everyday they’re making history. You never know what’ll they’ll remember from today. Maybe it’ll be something a cousin said to them or something they see, but they’ll learn something today that’ll be with them all their life. You can never stop learning. I learn something everyday.”

John is so right. What are we doing as educators to ensure that our students are making memories and connections?

Now I’m off to make something of today. I’m excited to discover what I’ll learn today!



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