About ME

I’m a mama and teacher in Cherokee County, Oklahoma.
Our family lives on a 40 acre spread in the middle of the woods. I teach in a dependent PK-8 district 7 miles from my home.
I work as a middle school language arts instructor and ETIS (yes, I have a acronym title …I must be suuuper important!!!)
ETIS=Educational Technology Integration Specialist
This basically means that I manage a variety of aspects of our school’s 1:1 program for our middle school students and offer assistance to teachers in planning/using technology in their classrooms. It also means that I willingly and happily will sit down with just about anyone and talk education, educational technology, 1:1 programs, digital citizenship… I’ll simplify this…I’m passionate about education and love to learn, discuss,  and discover new ideas and collaborators.

This blog exists so I can post about ideas and thoughts hopping around my mind.

You can find me on twitter too!


One thought on “About ME

  1. Susan says:

    Any suggestions of must have technology for elementary art teachers?

    I don’t have a smart board in my room and with the lack of funds it is not really the highest priority.
    I would like to write a grant to get some tech stuff for art. From what I have read an iPad and projector might be a good option, then later write grants to build a class set.
    Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Fellow Oklahoman – Go Sooners!
    (& I show love to the Pokes unless they play OU 🙂

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