Tell someone you know how grateful you are for the work they do #reflectiveteacher

I’m climbing back onto the blogging wagon today. I’ve been neglecting the Attitude of Gratitude Challenge, but we’ll just pick things up for today’s prompt.
It’s my first year as a high school teacher in a new school district. It’s been great. Students often ask me if I miss the school where I was before. I usually say that I miss my former students and my work BFFs.

I especially miss two teachers. I wish we could still be in the teaching trenches together.
So I’m going to tell two people how grateful I am for them.
Dean Goss and Debbie Duncan

Dean thank you for being an awesome and supportive teammate.
Dean was not only my colleague but also my child’s teacher. I knew he was an awesome teacher BEFORE he had my own child, Lily, in class . He challenged her and cares about her. Lily moved schools as well and on a very regular basis she’ll STILL say how much she misses him. She misses how he teaches and how he cared and interacted with her on a daily basis.
Amazing teachers impact kids. You are one of those.

Debbie Duncan
Hands down is amazing special education teacher. Thank you for being a great resource for me and just being so stinking good at what you do!

I knew I was working with some great educators then and I appreciate them even more now.

I miss you guys. Thank you for being great teammates and all around good people. I appreciate you both!


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