Taking time for myself #reflectiveteacher

What do you do to take time out for yourself?

I honestly used to try to do too much. It wasn’t that I was afraid to say no, but I just wanted to help or make a difference for my school as a teacher and a district patron.
Time is a very precious commodity and through trail and error I feel like I’m developing better ways to budget my time.

There are a few chunks of everyday that I take some “me time.”
I have a nice commute, so after I drop the kids off at school I have a solid 15 minutes of travel time to my school. I actually enjoy the drive. The scenery is pretty swell and I sing along to the songs on the radio with reckless abandon.
Once I arrive, I’m pretty fortunate and have a first hour planning period. Before I even attempt any work I, thanks to my glorious tea kettle, have a nice cup of tea.

That’s what I’m doing right now. Listening to Chopin, having a hot cup of tea, and writing for a bit.

It’s a great way to start my workday.
Most weekdays get pretty busy, but I tend to close out everyday with a bubble bath.
There’s no shame. I take my morning and evening time for me. I haven’t always, but I do now and I don’t foresee that changing any time soon.


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