Being grateful for humor #reflectiveteacher

I feel that my years in a middle school classroom have blessed me with plenty of fodder for this reflective post on humor.
I’ve learned to be very careful and precise with my diction.
Behind the surface of every mundane conversation is the possibility for innuendo and hilarity WHEN you work with young adults.

I wish I could think of a moment when humor and epic learning collided with grand results, but generally humorous situations tend to pop up in unscripted and informal situations.

Once upon a time I had a class of around 30 6th grade boys.
They were a hoot, and I had them in the morning after their athletic hour.
One ordinary day we were discussing breakfast foods. I’m not entirely sure how we arrived on that topic, but food is a popular subject in schools.
I don’t know why or how biscuits specifically came up, BUT I said this simple statement, “I like honey on my biscuits.” As soon as the words left my lips one young man was laughing.
“Mrs. Barnes! You like to put honey on your WHAT!?!?”
I couldn’t help but laugh with them as I asserted, “I was talking about LITERAL biscuits not what they were thinking!” Rest assured, I made a mental note to myself that morning to add biscuits to the list of words to use with caution.
Biscuits became a running inside joke with that crazy group of kids. Their final home basketball game of their 8th grade year I brought them some homemade biscuits and you guessed it HONEY for breakfast.


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