What new learning has inspired you in your career? #reflectiveteacher

As an alternatively certified teacher I feel fortunate to have experienced some wonderful learning opportunities in the first few years of my career. I’m going list style on this post, because my mind is in NaNoWriMo mode. I am fully embracing exuberant imperfection.
My writing doesn’t have to be perfect it just needs to happen- so here we go…
1. K20 Center- my first year teaching our school was a recipient of a grant that equipped each classroom with a fancy, interactive input device (SMART boards, dual boards, and Mobis)
The K20 Center folks made monthly visits to the campus which focused on authentic learning experiences.
I’m still grateful to this date that they highlighted instructional/learning issues in their support and not just technology “how tos.”

2. Twitter and Blogs
I like reading what other teachers and educational leaders are up to…Twitter and blogs allow me to do that.

3. Colleagues that have challenged me. I treasure the relationships I have with like-minded, innovative, teachers. I love sharing ideas, working together, and helping each other out, BUT I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot from the co-workers I like the least.
I consider myself to be a change agent. I am also outspoken. Challenging coworkers and bosses have inspired me to become an advocate for my students’ best interests and innovative and effective instructional practices.
It isn’t always fun when your professional life becomes muddied with school place politics and pettiness, BUT in hindsight the difficult times have provided valuable lessons.

4. Conferences- ISTE, ILI and others

The list could go on, but it’s Friday and I forgot I had lunch duty!

My lunch duty pal- Nicole. She’s the best!


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