What are your strengths? Which are you most grateful for? #reflectiveteacher

Hello and welcome to my second blog post for the “Teaching with an Attitude of Gratitude” blogging challenge.
I think I could correctly identify some of my strengths as an individual and as a teacher, but I thought it would be fun to see what others believed to be my strengths to be. So I’m going to turn my blog over to a few students for a moment.

“One of the qualities that makes up a good teacher is teaching to where people can understand and relate to the subject. This is especially hard when teaching teenagers, but Mrs. Barnes does just that.”
-Jerry, super competitive noveling superstar

“Mrs Barnes has a great connection with teenagers. She is always compassionate and excited to be a positive influence in students’ lives. Plus she has super awesome Curley hair!”
-Ms. Wasson, current intern soon-to-be kick butt teacher forced blog contributor

I’m pretty sure “Curley” is a reference to Of Mice and Men…I see what you did there Ms. Wasson. (Either that or my phone auto corrected.)

I am most grateful for my ability to keep a sense of humor and cool head in the classroom. I enjoy my job and I believe that is what keeps me centered and effective.


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2 thoughts on “What are your strengths? Which are you most grateful for? #reflectiveteacher

  1. Dean Goss says:

    I would agree with those assessments. BTW: liking the wood floor.

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