Forcing Myself to Blog

My day so far in pictures:

If tea were to vanish from planet earth…I would cry.

I’m in awe of people that manage busy professional and personal lives and still manage to blog daily or nearly daily. I’m still trying to find a model and establish a habit for blogging that works for me. So today, I’m posting pictures. I like pictures.

LoTi PD first item on the agenda today!

Summers off is a myth! Today GV’s 1:1 team, which has expanded to included 5th grade (yay!), is meeting to discuss explore LoTi and LoTi observation with the HEAT rubric. LoTi is my second husband- I love it. More info via We have  a couple of newbies to the team so we’re covering too – another awesome tool. Schoology takes the practicial elements of moodle and the social elements of facebook and blends it together for an awesome LMS. Two thumbs way up for schoology from Mrs. Barnes.
(Clearly I am rambling now, but I’m writing so I’m just going to roll with it!)

Looming in my office….

135 laptops are looming in my office. They’re quietly calling my name begging to be readied for the coming school year. Yes, I love, LOVE teaching in a 1:1 environment…but I have a confession… I am not a wire head and prepping laptops and updating inventory makes me grumpy. I feel better now! Laptops will get my full attention later this week.
(and the rambling continues, but I’m having fun…)

WISE Team Meeting

My day will be capped off by a WISE/Leadership team meeting. Confession- I actually enjoy these meetings. I can let my 100% dorky educator side show unabashedly. I work with great people-they tolerate me.

Equally as dorky child

My children, who view GV as a second home, have commandeered a neighbor’s classroom and are letting their dorky sides shine too!

It’s time for me to get to work. It isn’t a masterpiece, but I wrote today. Two gold stars for me.


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