Revamping Lesson Plan Templates and Design

I am determined to find a way/program/app/site for designing and storing my lesson/unit/project plans this year.
I just haven’t found one that I like so far in my teaching career. It isn’t for lack of trying or available resources. I just haven’t found one that’s “just right” (channeling the three little bears over here) for me.

Last year I used the school’s online gradebook. While there isn’t anything that I specifically dislike about using the online gradebook, it just feels clunky (yes, tech sometimes feels clunky to me…trust me it makes complete sense in my head).

I’m trying something new this year. I figure now is the perfect time for me to find a system with which I feel compatible since I’m expecting a slightly more rigorous and in depth evaluation with newly adopted TLE model. I want to be confident that I’m documenting my lesson/unit/project plans effectively and efficiently with technology tools.

Here’s my model for this year. I’m going to use as my daily “keeping myself on track” planner, and I’ve developed a  google form to record detailed lesson, unit, and/or project plans. The google form marries resources from, LoTi HEAT, and a few look fors from the TULSA TLE model that GV will be adopting.

Imputing components of plans should happen with ease via the google form, BUT I’m concerned about the final product being stored as a spreadsheet. My plan is to share the spreadsheet with my administrators and peers, and in a perfect world, since it is a collaborative document,  they could offer feedback via the spreadsheet.

Eager for feedback. How do you or teachers you work with use technology in documenting lesson plans. Have you found a model that you love. Have you spotted a crucial MISSING component from my proposed model?

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One thought on “Revamping Lesson Plan Templates and Design

  1. Susan says:

    Love it
    I am not a “techinado” by any stretch of the imagination.
    Having a fill in the blank (so to speak) guide to keep me on track with Tulsa model and Common Core would simplify teacher life.
    Are u selling on TPT?

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