I originally created/shared this post on June 14th. We still love OKC Thunder at Grand View and in my household…seriously, how could you not? With the OKC trio of  Durant, Harden, and Westbrook making the USA team, I’m still THUNDERSTRUCK!

As a 1:1 educator and educational technology integration specialist, when Wes asked me if I’d like to contribute a #playingwithmedia post for his blog I jumped on the opportunity. I work at Grand View, a rural PK-8 district in Cherokee County, Oklahoma. Our summer camp is in full swing, and we have students working to collect family stories with ipods, planning garden plots, creating community service project proposals, making edible poop and boogers (!), and a slew of electives ranging from website design to line dancing. I pondered, in between mentoring students on their projects and improvisational games in drama class, which project should I highlight? Then a funny thing happened…our students suddenly sprouted beards.
The Grand View students were THUNDERed UP!

Oklahoma City’s NBA team, the Thunder, are in the NBA Finals. Even though we live in northeastern Oklahoma, we support OUR team! The school, and really I think the WHOLE state, is fired up about THUNDER basketball. As a teacher, sometimes you strike while the iron is hot. Grand View’s 6th-8th grade students grabbed a few friends and cameras then started capturing pictures and videos.
We spent about an hour taking photographs and TALKING about how the team has inspired us and taught us about teamwork, and  ultimately we had fun together as a school family.
Game 2 of the NBA Finals is tonight at 8pm CST- Grand View hopes you’ll join us and THUNDER UP!
The amazing songs featured in our video are used with permission and created by Chris Castor. Check him out on YouTube .

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