Return to blogging…perhaps…?

Jack, one of the many mammals running around this place, my blogging buddy

A couple of years ago (years…gasp…it actually has been that long) I was blogging on a quasi-regular basis to share technology resources with my fellow teachers. Long story short- I stopped. No grand reason.
A few weeks ago Wes Fryer invited me to contribute to his blog while he was unplugged on a backpacking trip.
I really wasn’t sure what I would write about, but I took him up on the invitation. I figured I could come up with something. Long story short-I did. MORE IMPORTANTLY, I had fun writing those posts. So much fun that I’m going to rejoin the blogging world.
I’m a Mama and a teacher/edtech coach. I live on a farm with cows, chickens, mules, and lots and lots of dogs.
I’m sure that the majority of what’s published here will be education related, but a little bit of my personal (non-professional) interests will seep through I’m sure.
Look forward to sharing my ideas, thoughts, and ponderings with you!


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